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The Joys of Digital (music) Distribution

The curse of an overly common name (eg: Mark Lewis) is that several of the streaming platforms (Tidal, Deezer, for instance) have merged my music with another Mark Lewis's music. I'm sure he's very good - but it's not my music, and mine isn't his.

It's taken months of pushing my distributer to finally fix the situation on Tidal (and it seems I have to fight it individually for each platform, and since I don't subscribe to every streaming platform I don't even know which ones have it right or not...) but it finally looks (er, looked) good on Tidal (it was always OK on Spotify for some reason).

So I finally release my new album - Music To Dream With - and what do they do? They put it in the other Mark Lewis's account! So now I have to go through the 'fixer' procedure all over again for this release. And I guess for all the other platforms as well...

C'est la vie! At least the music is out there, even if it's under someone else's name (who happens to have the same name, so...;-)

Meanwhile, my 1st album - Three Views of a Circle - never made it to iTunes/Apple Music because I listed it as 'classical', and for some reason Apple don't allow you to upload your music if it's classical...??? I know! Go figure that one out!

Finally, none of my music is on my preferred platform - Qobuz - because they seem to have a completely separate distribution process that my distributer (DistroKid) isn't linked in to. Oh well...

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