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I wonder - a Stevie Wonder Homage cover

"OMG - such a beautiful, happy song!!! You are a musical talent!!"

I Wonder

Feat. Britney Jayy on vocals

The great Stevie Wonder was one of my earliest and most significant inspirations and musical hero's.

It was talking about my love for Stevie's music to another all time great R&B artist that made me want to write something that attempted to capture the joy I've had from listening to Stevie's music so much over the years.

I even had a go at the lyrics as well! ;) 

The wonderful Britney Jayy added her fantastic vocals, add Jay Williams on drums, Melvin Lee Davis on bass and a great live Horn section, and the track I think does capture some of that feel.

I had a lot of fun creating this track and I hope you get as much joy from listening to it. 

Find your link to your preferred streaming service here:

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