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Releasing 'Music To Dream With'

As I prepare for the launch of 'Music To Dream With' tomorrow, a few thoughts come to mind.

I am proud of this album. Every track here is a personal favourite of mine. So often, I listen to one of them and think 'yes, this is the one. This is the 'best' or most 'significant' track'. And then I listen to another one and think 'No! This is the one!' ;) and so it goes on.

But hopefully that's a good sign: in the first and last instance I love this music. I believe in this music. I hope others can enjoy it too.

I have already had some wonderful comments on tracks that have been heard already. To the the lady who sent me a message saying 'I adore your music!!! It sounds like my dreams!' - thank you so much! Comments like this - even if few and far between, raise me to the clouds for days, and give me the sustenance to keep trying at this difficult art.

And one of the challenges is that I think to really be affected by this music you have to give it the time, the space, to listen, and to let it flow over you, through you, and into you. That's how I listen to it - but of course I have a unique stake in this music! I know it's a big ask, in this incredibly busy, stressful world we live in, to ask people to dedicate the time and the space to something new, that they likely haven't heard about. I completely understand and appreciate that.

It doesn't work as a 6 sec TikTok video. It doesn't even work as a 30 sec Instagram reel. These are up to 10 mins pieces that take you on a journey individually. And the whole album - at 1hr 12 mins, takes you on a larger narrative arc, to many places, limited only by your imagination and whatever connection you feel to the music.

But I do honestly feel, if you can find the time and the space to listen and to allow yourself to be immersed in this music, that you will be rewarded. I have no idea if this music is any 'good' - and it's not for me to say anyway! That's down to each individual who listens, and to decide whether they do make a connection with it, and whether it takes them to a healing place or not.

That is my hope for this music. That people feel some joy and/or catharsis on listening to it. All I can do is put it out there, send it on its way, and see what happens.

Please do let me know what you think. I'd welcome any comments you have.

Mark J Lewis



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