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Chordal Equinox

I originally wrote this piece several years ago, but decided in Oct 2020 to re-record it, and make some small refinements to the score.

On the surface this seems quite a simple piece - a selection of stacked whole note chords moving around the orchestra at a stately 50bpm - but if you close your eyes and allow yourself to breathe deeply with the music, the inner rhythm of the beatings of the intervals, the phase shifting between the instruments, and your own mind and inner ear moving between the (sometimes dense) notes, the piece takes on a whole  different, deeper character. It’s OK to meditate to this piece 😉 

The final climax, I believe, is the most ecstatic, uplifting, almost semi-religious, I have written. 

Please feel free to let me know if you agree! Or indeed, how you react to it in any way.

Coming to the major streaming services soon, but you can get advanced access to it here:

And here:

(this is the link to the video embedded above)

I'd love to know what you think of the piece. Thank you.

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