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"Your music always takes me to a place I’d like to go to more often."

About Mark Lewis

Mark is a a London based composer of music that cuts across many styles, from orchestral to world, to ambient, jazz and more. A lifetimes’ passion for and love of music imbues every track.

He has released 3 albums, 2 EP's and 3 singles over the last 2 years, with much more to come.

With the exception of a lovely vocal by Britney Jayy on 'I Wonder' these are all instrumental tracks. Apart from some wonderful guest musicans on a couple of tracks, everything you hear on these tracks has been composed, arranged and performed by Mark. 

'A London Tone Poem'


 For orchestra, choir & piano

Listen now here


'Lefka Ori'


 Orchestral Tone Poem

Listen now here

Video of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra performing Lefka Ori available here!


It's The Little Things, Vol 1

'It's The Little Things, Vol 1'

Most of the music I have created throughout my life disappeared into the ether the moment it was created (improvised). And that's fine - that is the essence of improvisation.

But - like rare fossils ;) - some musical ideas did get captured along the way, one way or the other. 

There are 20 tracks in this collection, and over an hour of music. It is mostly medium to up-tempo, but with 3 (i hope!) gorgeous ballads to change things up a bit. tI hope you enjoy it!

'Space and Other Stories'


 A 3-track EP with highly eclectic mix of music.

Listen now here


San Amaro Drive Cover.png

'San Amaro Drive'


 A 'studio-jazz' orchestra piece with lush harmony.

Listen now here


'Lake Osceola'


 An atmospheric 10 min trip to a beautiful land

Listen now here


'Slavonic Dances for Piano & Orchestra, No 1'


 Three orchestral compositions performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra

Stream now here

Watch now here


Still Floating EP Cover.png

'Still Floating'


 A 3-track EP with Soul, Big Band Jazz, and Jazz-Fusion music

Including a Stevie Wonder inspired song (more info here): with vocals by the wonderful Britney Jayy and a killer rhythm section; a full Big-Band featuring some of the finest musicians in the UK and US

Listen now here


Music To Dream With Cover - Reduced.png

'Music To Dream With'


 An album of jazz, world, and 'modern classical' compositions

"I adore your music!!! It sounds like my dreams"


"Thank you for another beautiful composition. The work is obvious and the result is a great work of art"


"A magnificent achievement"

"Really good music!"


"I love it. It brings me back to the freedom and sparkling creativity of Pat Metheny's 'Secret Story'. I really love it. New follower."

Listen now here

Three Views of a Circle.jpg

Three Views of a Circle

An album of orchestral, chamber, jazz, and ambient compositions

“Really great writing…Piano Concerto 1st movement is beautiful. Great work.”

“The album [is] pretty amazing - great writing and arranging.”

“I really love it.”

“I laid on my bed, closed my eyes and listened. Your music really moved me.”

“Shades of Aaron Copeland mixing with Tchaikovsky.”

“Your harmonies really move me.” 

Comments for: 'And The Bridge is Love' (featured on the album)

“Beautiful work, `Mark. Congratulations.” 

“Absolutely beautiful piece of music”

“Absolutely beautiful, and makes me feel so tranquil.”

“I enjoyed every moment as it took me on a beautiful journey! Thank you.”

"Beautiful - healing the world with this one!”


Listen now here

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